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Charity Spotlight


Donation Links for Our Local Charity Partners

Like many organizations in our area, several of our Charity Spotlight partners have had to alter their normal operations and cancel important fundraising events because of COVID-19.

As a result, these organizations that do important work in our community are facing intense hardships. We have collected links to their donation pages here. So if you are able, please donate and help them weather this storm, regroup, and prepare to continue serving our community as we all move forward.

Thank you!



The mission of the Mountain Lion BackPack Program is to provide elementary children in the Altoona Area School District with food for the weekends when other resources may not be available to them.

  • In providing school children with food, we hope to nourish their bodies, prepare their minds, and encourage their spirits.
  • We hope to support the teachers of our school district with this program in that students will be more physically prepared to attend school regularly, focus more intently on their lessons, and demonstrate healthy attitudes.
  • We hope to be an encouragement to families who are struggling, to both lift a burden and show that their community cares.
  • We hope to bring our community together in this effort to touch and change lives, serving families not only with food but also with love and compassion.




  • To FUND a cure for pancreatic cancer
  • To offer HOPE for those in need
  • To CONNECT patients, families and communities
  • To raise AWARENESS of the necessity for a new direction of innovative research and treatment plans


  • To continue the VISION inspired by Greg Griffith
  • To rise and “put on our pants” each day and take up the battle
  • To give back more in time, effort and funding that we take
  • To see a day when our children and grandchildren no longer need to fear a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
  • We CAN achieve what we BELIEVE!



The mission of Precious Life is to provide hope and help to young women facing unplanned pregnancies.

The ministry of Precious Life is made possible through the generous donations of our supporters and the volunteers who work tirelessly at our events, or at our facilities.

Your donation of time, money, supplies or resources will help Precious Life provide vital support to women faced with an unplanned pregnancy through our pregnancy care centers, Earn While You Learn Program, and our outreach services provided in Romania. Your gift is a message of love and hope to women who feel lost and helpless.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of women and children in our local communities and abroad by providing the support system she desperately needs.



To provide resources to build healthier relationships and promote personal growth

To engage with communities to meet the needs of their most vulnerable members

FSI provides its expertise and support in the following areas:

  • Offering shelter services and specialized housing.
  • Targeting prevention of abuse and victimization.
  • Empowering those dealing with the results from abuse and victimization.
  • Assisting victims of trauma from events or relationships in their lives.
  • Through self-determination and the use of guiding principles, Family Services Incorporated provides personalized support to individuals with intellectual disabilities.



Empowering people to live connected lives by helping them discover their purpose & talents and through social experiences.

Empowering people by:

  • Helping people through discovery, find their passion and purpose.
  • Teaching people various job skills and pre-employment training.
  • Assisting to create a one page profile, resume, social media presence, and interview skills
  • Coaching people to find and secure customized meaningful employment
  • Educating people on acceptable social skills
  • Providing social opportunities to grow and build relationships.
  • Working with people to develop a business idea or plan of their own.
  • Promoting post secondary options to students.
  • Enlighten family members regarding their options through Person Centered
  • Thinking, creating more freedoms through life with choices.
  • Supporting people in overcoming obstacles to competitive employment.



To improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families through advocacy, education, support and socialization.

The Arc of Blair County believes that persons with developmental disabilities are valuable members of society and have the same rights as all citizens.

They have the right to a free and appropriate education in an integrated setting, the right to live in a comfortable residence in their own local community, the right to protection from health and safety hazards in their environment, the right to work at a meaningful wage in a vocation appropriate to their talents, the right to social and personal relationships and the right to participate in the recreational and cultural activities of their community.

It is the vision of Arc of Blair County to foster, protect and nurture these rights.