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Seasonal Special


Winter Specials

Making pre-arrangements is a complex and emotionally demanding task, but resources are available to make this process easier.

Arrangements can be completed in advance without emotional anxiety or financial inconvenience. By setting aside a few minutes to learn more about this subject, you can prevent putting unnecessary stress on those you love and help them avoid emotional overspending on your behalf later.

And, if you contact us today, you can take advantage of our current specials on:

  • Pre-Need Burial Spaces

    $250.00 off all pre-need in-ground burial spaces.
  • Markers and Monuments

    $250.00 off all pre-need bronze markers and granite monuments.
  • Vaults

    Up to $250.00 off pre-need burial vaults. $250.00 off of all traditional vaults, and $125.00 off all cremation vaults.
  • Openings and Closings

    Up to $250.00 off pre-need opening and closings. $250.00 off of all traditional opening and closings (in-ground and mausoleum), and $125.00 off all cremation opening and closings.
  • Tandem Mausoleum Units

    $500 off of pre-need tandem mausoleum units.


These Winter Specials are only available until March 31st.

For all pre-need purchases, you may make a 15% down payment (minimum) with the remaining balance paid over 36 months (or less) in equal* monthly payments with no interest.

*the last payment may not be equal to other payments during the contract term.

If you are interested in learning more about our specials or want to know more about making pre-arrangements, please call: