At Alto-Reste Park, our mission is to honor and celebrate life by providing clarity and comfort during times of sadness and pain and by offering a place of peace amidst scenes of cultured beauty.



Designed for a Purpose

Alto-Reste Park is Pennsylvania’s most beautiful burial estate and has approximately 100 carefully developed acres laid out as a park.

Located on the edge of one of the most beautiful valleys in central Pennsylvania, the name “Alto-Reste Park” is particularly appropriate, since no matter how the suburbs of Altoona develop, nothing can impair the natural character of the property, which is materially enhanced by several acres of very attractive woodland.


Motivated to Serve

The thoughtfully designed and meticulously maintained green, rolling hills provide a serene resting place for over 19,000 people.

The entire staff is dedicated to providing families with compassion and understanding as they select a burial estate for their loved ones.

At Alto-Reste Park, we take pride in being the guardians of your family’s heritage.


As managers, family service counselors, office staff, and maintenance workers, we are called to perform our specific duty with purpose and feeling. We realize that we have funerals every day, but the families that we serve do not. It is our responsibility to give 100% to every detail of every funeral service, pre-arrangement meeting or any other facet of the cemetery business.


If you are interested in learning more about our park, current specials,
or making pre-arrangements, please call:

(814) 944-0879