In 1925, Robert P. Good’s vision of creating a modern cemetery in a beautiful park-like setting became reality.

Mr. Good carefully planned the site of Alto-Reste Park so that “the remains of the departed would rest amidst scenes of cultured beauty in harmony with the environments.”



With Great Forethought and Attention to Detail

R.P. Good purchased the initial plot of land for the purpose of creating one of the most beautiful burial parks in the state of Pennsylvania.

A Commitment

No Stone Unturned

Mr. Good even traveled to Carrera, Italy to oversee the construction of marble features, which still grace the burial park today.

Alto-Reste Park was the first burial park to include perpetual care, a concept Mr. Good wholeheartedly endorsed and helped push into Pennsylvania cemetery law.

He strongly felt that funds should be set aside for the care, maintenance, and preservation of the lots, buildings, and grounds. In keeping with the visionary founder’s wishes, Alto-Reste Park is to this day perpetually maintained and carefully developed.

Alto-Reste Through the Years


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