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We have met with thousands of people regarding final arrangements, and they are always thankful they’ve made their decisions sooner rather than later. Pre-planning helps you avoid putting unnecessary stress on those you love and prevents them from emotional overspending on your behalf later. We invite you to learn more about the wisdom and logic of pre-planning final arrangements:

Visit our Advanced Planning page.


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The Good Funeral Home

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The Good
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We are the only cemetery in the area with a Funeral Home on site!


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Healing from Grief
A weekly seminar/support group for
people grieving the passing of someone close.

Family Services, Inc.


Family Services, Inc.
Engaging with communities to meet the needs
of their most vulnerable members.



About Our Park

Alto-Reste Park, one of the most beautiful burial parks in Pennsylvania, has approximately 100 carefully developed acres in the over 325 acre park-like setting. Located on the edge of one of the most beautiful valleys in central Pennsylvania, the name “Alto-Reste Park” is particularly appropriate, since no matter how the suburbs of Altoona develop, nothing can impair the natural character of the property, which is materially enhanced by several acres of very attractive woodland. READ MORE »

Our History

In 1925, Robert P. Good’s vision of creating a modern cemetery in a beautiful park-like setting became reality. Mr. Good carefully planned the site of Alto-Reste Park so that “the remains of the departed would rest amidst scenes of cultured beauty in harmony with the environments.” With great forethought and attention to detail, he purchased the initial plot of land for the purpose of creating one of the most beautiful burial parks in the state of Pennsylvania. READ MORE »