Create a lasting tribute to your heritage.

Alto-Reste Park is pleased to be partnered with industry leading granite manufacturers, who serve burial parks, cemeteries, and funeral homes with products and services of exceptional quality and superior craftsmanship.


Beautiful & Affordable

World-Class Quality
Available Locally

Our granite partners offer a large selection of world-class domestic and internationally quarried granites. 

Each memorial is an exclusively prepared piece of art. The varieties of sculpted designs are practically limitless.

Our partners can provide state-of-the-art sandblasting and laser facilities requiring highly skilled artisans to custom-make your memorial.

Family names, crests, flowers, emblems, religious, and historic symbols can be easily added into your personal design.


Our Family Service Representatives will guide you through the entire process of selecting the right material and creating the perfect design to memorialize your own legacy or the one of someone you love.


To learn more about all our memorization options, please call:

(814) 944-0879