Help Keep Our Park Beautiful

Flower Regulations are to preserve the beauty of Alto-Reste Park for all of our patrons. They also allow families to adorn their loved one’s final resting place in an appropriate manner.


General Rules:

  • Wilted, faded or unsightly flowers or decorations will be removed from lots throughout the year.
  • All decorations will be removed from all lots, crypts and niches during both the Spring (March 1 to 14) and Fall (Nov. 1 to 14) Clean-ups of the Park. These items will be disposed of promptly.
  • The planting, removal or cutting of any flower, tree, shrub, grass or any other plant, or imbedding any pot or vase into the ground or lawn is strictly forbidden.
  • Alto-Reste Park will not be responsible, nor liable, for any decoration nor other item in any way.

Permitted March 15 to November 1:

  • Fresh Cut or Artificial Silk Flowers in permanent flower vases only.
  • Saddles made of Fresh Cut or Artificial Silk Flowers placed on top of monuments. Monuments that have Granite Planters included as part of their construction may have potted or planted plants in the planters. Plants that become unsightly in the opinion of the Superintendent, will be removed promptly.
  • Potted plants & special displays may be placed for Easter, Mothers Day, Memorial Day & Fathers Day for 1 week only. All potted plants or displays left on a grave more than one week will be disposed of.
  • Crypts and Niches may have Fresh Cut or Artificial Silk Flowers in the permanently installed vases, or wreathes that do not extend beyond the perimeter of the Crypt or Niche front. Decorations may only be placed or hung from the permanent vase or vase ring.
  • Veterans Flags and Holders will be permitted three days prior to Memorial Day until July 15th.
  • Flags, Lodge or Service Emblems may be placed on the graves over Memorial Day. All such items must be removed by the family within one week. Park employees will remove any such items left after one week.

Permitted November 15 to March 1:

  • Natural or artificial wreathes/displays on elevated stands.
  • To safeguard the In-Ground, Self Storing Vases from winter ice damage, they will be inverted during the Fall Clean-Up. Any such vase found turned up prior to March 1st will be emptied & inverted.
  • Saddles on Monuments.
  • Crypts and Niches may have artificial flowers in the permanently installed vases, or wreathes that do not extend beyond the perimeter of the Crypt or Niche front. Alto-Reste Park will not be responsible for ice damage to vases left on the crypt or niche over the winter.

Not Permitted At Any Time:

  • Toys or stuff animals
  • Balloons
  • Solar lights
  • Yard ornaments
  • Plastic or Wax flowers or decorations
  • Grave Blankets or any other decoration that lays flat on the ground
  • Wire or metal stakes
  • Coping, stones, fences and any other borders
  • Arbors, basket hooks, tripods, rustic or iron work, architectural items, or furniture
  • Vases or pots made of brick, cement, terra cotta, glass, ceramic and/or any other easily broken material


As managers, family service counselors, office staff, and maintenance workers, we are called to perform our specific duty with purpose and feeling. We realize that we have funerals every day, but the families that we serve do not. It is our responsibility to give 100% to every detail of every funeral service, pre-arrangement meeting or any other facet of the cemetery business.


If you are interested in learning more about our park, current specials,
or making pre-arrangements, please call:

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