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Charity Spotlight


Wreaths Support Integration

For more than 90 years, Alto-Reste Park has been celebrating life and supporting families in our community. Today encouraging families and celebrating life is still our focus.

So for the month of October, we’re honored to be partnering with The Arc of Blair County and the Empowering Lives Foundation. These two organizations work hard to improve the quality of life for children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.


To support this amazing work, Alto-Reste is continuing our tradition of donating a portion of the proceeds of our annual Christmas Wreath sales to both organizations.

Also like last year, Members of the Arc and Empowering Lives will also be involved in the production of our wreaths.

These lovely, hand-crafted, live Winter Wreaths are made with Noble Fir, Juniper, and Incense Cedar and are decorated with pine cones and a beautiful velvet bow.

Since we’ve started doing this, we’ve been able to donate almost $2000 to each organization. So by purchasing a wreath, you, too, can be involved in helping others achieve possibilities.


To be good stewards of our suppliers’ time and resources, we ask that people place their orders in advance so we can notify our partners on how much material to reserve. To order a wreath, you can call us at (814) 944-0879, or use the Christmas Wreath Pre-Order form below, and we’ll contact you at your convenience to finalize your order.



Christmas Wreath Pre-Order Form


If you’d like to mail in or drop off an order form, you can download and print the one below:

You don’t have to be a patron of Alto-Reste to order a wreath. Anyone may purchase a wreath to display at their home, office, or at memorialization sites in other parks and cemeteries.

However, all orders must be received by November 8th, 2019.

The placing of wreaths in Alto-Reste Park will begin Monday, December 2nd, 2019.

If you wish to purchase a wreath for your home, office, or to place somewhere other than Alto-Reste Park, these wreaths can be picked up at the Alto-Reste Park office on or after December 2nd.



The Arc of Blair County and the Empowering Lives foundation are also in need of volunteers. Even dedicating just one hour a month can make a significant impact.

You can learn more about The Arc of Blair County or the Empowering Lives Foundation, by visiting their websites:

The Arc:

Empowering Lives:

Or like them on Facebook:

The Arc:

Empowering Lives: 



For more information about ordering one of our Christmas Wreaths,
give us a call at (814) 944-0879


Click here to download an order form.